Buying or building a brand new house comes with a lot of benefits, but sometimes it’s hard to make something so shiny and new feel like a cosy, lived-in home. If you’re dying to get rid of that somewhat cold feeling that comes with moving into a new modern home and instead feel the instant warmth of your home, keep reading our tips and tricks that will help your house feel like home.

1. Use every space right away

New modern homes come with plenty of appliances and features, so make sure to use them all as soon as possible. Cook with your brand new emulsion blender, read a book in your bathtub, sit in the side yard among and tend to your veggie patch. Utilising every area of the home and giving it your personal touch is a great way to make it yours.

2. Start a routine

Whether it be pancakes with the kids every Sunday morning or movie nights in the living room every Friday night, make sure to have fun, family routines that encourage everybody living in the house to treat it like home.

3. Have people over

Throw a house warming party, or just invite your friends and family as usual for tea or brunch. Don’t hesitate from entertaining because the place isn’t fully finished. Enjoy your space with the people in your life who are closest to you.

4. Add some rugs and carpets

Not only does adding textiles to the floors of your home brighten the place up and make it look more lived in, you’ll also make it sound more lived in. Everybody knows that sad, empty feeling of moving into a new place and hearing footsteps echo around the walls. Having a softer touch on the floor will dampen any hard noises like that, creating a more inviting atmosphere. 

5. A place for everything, and everything in its place

Truly feeling like you’re home means having a functional storage system that you can work your way around using muscle memory. Storage doesn’t necessarily mean hiding away things you don’t use everyday in boxes. It can mean be aesthetically pleasing, like a beautiful bookcase that highlights some of your most loved possessions. 

6. Decorate to your style

Everybody has their own personality, and a good home truly reflects that personal style. Fill your home with artwork that you love, framed photos and posters, even little knick knacks from travels or fond memories, like a bowl of seashells from that trip to Tasmania you took with the family last year. Display your books creatively, hang your paintings in gallery-style, break out those textiles you bought abroad but have been too afraid to use for fear of ruining something precious. 

Rawdon Hill in Melbourne can help you build the house that will become your home. We are contemporary homebuilders that understand what it means to build your own home. Call us today to learn more.

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