Building a new home is an exciting thing to consider. You have the opportunity to truly see your dream home come to life! However, you don’t want anything getting in the way of your dream. Some small and common mistakes can hinder all of your hard work and planning.

Rawdon Hill have been developing new and contemporary homes for some time now in Melbourne, so we’ve seen it all. Below, find a list of common mistakes that you should actively avoid when building your new home.

Acting as your own contractor

Do yourself a favour and hire a contractor rather than trying to take on the role yourself. Building a house is a very big job and it requires participation and cooperation from a broad range of tradesmen, from electricians to plumbers and more. A general contractor will not only have a good relationship with other people in the industry, but he or she will also have the expertise and the know-how to be able to organise and coordinate every step of the project plan so that the building of the house is carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

In addition, many tradesmen might not provide you with the best equipment and materials if they know they don’t have to answer to a professional contractor. If this happens, you likely won’t know that they are duping you until something breaks down months later. They also might take advantage by charging you more for services than they would a contractor.

Falling for the display layout

You might walk into a display home and enjoy the look and feel of it, but how compatible is it with your current lifestyle? Make sure to take the time to think about how you live your life so that you can plan your space as wisely as possible. In addition, it might be worth it to purchase house plans rather than trying to wing it or coming in with a vague idea. Any mistakes from an inadequate floor plan will cost you much more in repairs. If you have a good set of plans, an adequate builder can make changes as necessary to suit your requirements.

Getting the wrong contractor

Take the time to find the absolute right contractor for your home. Ask for referrals, a builder’s license, insurance, etc. Make sure the builder or contractor is transparent in his or her dealings and provides you with an honest quote. Find out if the contractor’s relationship with other tradesmen is good and fruitful.

Paying for everything up front

Plan your budget realistically, adding an extra 10 percent to the final price for unexpected costs and surprises. Make sure you keep in touch with your contractor regularly so that you are aware of any changes to building costs. Don’t pay it all right up front, but try to talk to a lending specialist or accountant who can assist you in the preparation of your finances. Any loans you get for your home will be released to you with each stage of the building process, so you will save money and pay less interest in total. 

Rawdon Hill in Melbourne are a group of new home builders who can help you avoid all these mistakes and more. Contact us today.

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