Preparing to move into a new house? Sounds exciting! But also quite stressful. Moving is one of the biggest stresses that we periodically face, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We at Rawdon Hill in Melbourne are expert new homebuilders – we’ve seen some serious moves, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Check out our tips below to make your move into your new home stress free.

Cover all your bases when hiring a moving van or truck

Make sure to carefully read the rental agreement, check the vehicle for existing damages, and even take photos of damages before you begin. All of this will save you any hassle when it comes to unexpected fees or problems.

Pack an essentials bag

When you’re moving, the last thing you’ll want to do is dig through your packed bags and boxes for a change of clothing or your toothbrush. Before you make the move, pack a bag with everything you think you’ll need over the next few days so you have it handy.

Use clear plastic boxes for items you’ll need first

You’ll want to have a clear view of the items that you’ll need as you unpack, like chargers, box cutters and toilet paper. Make sure you can see them and can distinguish the box with those essentials from other boxes.

Forget bubble wrap; use clothing for fragiles

Instead of buying bubble wrap, try wrapping plates and other fragile items in clothing or towels. Use socks for extra padding for wine glasses or mugs.

Clean before you move in

It’s often the last thing we think about, but you’ll save yourself a world of stress if you make it over to your house and give it a scrub before you move in and put everything in its place. Make it truly yours by wiping away dirt left behind by previous tenants or construction workers.

Have children or pets?

Hire a sitter. One less thing to worry about or take care of.

Start de-cluttering 6 weeks before you move

Chances are, there will be a lot that you’ll want to throw away when you move. Arrange for Good Will or the Salvation Army to come pick up anything you’d just throw away from your old house, so you don’t have to transport it anywhere. For items that are too valuable to just dispose of, get on Ebay and Gumtree early enough to give yourself a bit of pocket change and relief from moving items you don’t want. 

Change your address before you move

You’ll have enough to deal with just settling into your new home. Make life a bit easier by having the foresight to change your address about two weeks before you move in. One less stress. One more thing taken care of. 

Rawdon Hill is Melbourne’s best new house developer. If you’re thinking of moving, consider our team to provide you with a new home or a house and land package. Contact us today.

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