Building a new home is a great way to integrate smart technology into your daily life. With the future right around the corner, it’s important that we stop fighting technology and instead embrace it in our daily lives and in our homes. If you’re building a new modern home soon, you’ll definitely want to consider incorporating some of these super cool and very functional automated features.

Smart home technology

We use technology everyday in ways that we don’t even think about. One of the most standard features of having a smart home is the ability to connect all of your devices and appliances. You can control everything in your home, from the lighting and air conditioning to security and alarm systems, all from your smart phone or tablet. In addition, using this technology means that you can access everything from remote locations. Forgot to turn off the heat, but already on your way to the airport? No problem, just access your heating system from your phone and you’ll be good to go.

In addition, you’ll be able to keep an eye on any home security devices and cameras while you’re away, so you can have peace of mind no matter where you are.

Automated climate control

You can invest in heating and cooling systems that you are able to set to certain levels. The airflow will change based on how many people are in the room or expected to be in the room, the weather forecast and the current temperature inside. If you’ve left a window or door open, the system can be programmed to switch off automatically to save you energy. You’ll save everyday by eliminating wasteful use of unnecessary heating and cooling, and you’ll always walk into a perfectly tempered house. 

Save with smart lighting

Many lighting systems can now be programmed to not only switch on and off automatically, but also can be set to dim in certain lighting conditions, which will reduce your lighting costs overall. So, for rooms like hallways or entryways, automatic lighting saves you from fumbling for the light switch and leaving on the light as you go to the next room. Or if there is a room with adequate natural lighting, a dim electric light will suffice.

A house that alerts you

If all of your subsystems are interconnected, you can monitor your home from anywhere. Your house can contact you via text or email with a range of concerns. They can send you photos of an intruder or just let you know if your fridge has broken down while you’re away from home. If you have a moisture sensor, your house can even let you know if there was a leak or a flood.

Universal remotes for home entertainment

Entertainment in the home is coming to your fingertips. Control everything, from internet and television to music, news and podcasts, all from one fully functioning universal remote. 

If you’re excited about ways to use new technology in your modern home, contact Rawdon Hill. We can build your new home and incorporate any smart technology into it that you desire.