One of the most exciting things about building your own home is choosing the floor plan. The house plan will show you the designs of your future custom built home, from the size of the rooms to the layout. Your house plan should reflect your lifestyle, and indeed, choosing the right one will make or break your house, so choose wisely. At Rawdon Hill, we are the experts in custom designed homes in South East Melbourne. Read some of our tips below to determine the best way to choose the right house plan for you and your family.

Determine Your Lifestyle Needs

The most important factor to determine is what stage of life you are in. Do you have a family with small children? Are you married? Have you retired? Think about your lifestyle and how your home should reflect that. This will also help you determine how large or small you’ll want your house to be. If you’re newly wed, you might want to consider having a spare bedroom, possibly in the event of starting a family, or perhaps if you just want the option of having visiting friends and family staying with you.

If you’re the types to entertain, you might consider a great outdoor space or a large dining room. If you’re not, a cozy den should suit you fine. Consider how much time you already spend in certain rooms of your home and how you’d like to enhance that. Do you spend more time in your kitchen or your study? Take the time to really consider all this because you’ll thank yourself for the reflection later on.

What’s Your Design Style?

Your home plan should reflect your design style. Are you more modern and compartmentalised or do you prefer a quaint and traditional setting? Do you want lots of enclosed spaces and walls separating rooms, or would you feel more inspired with an open floor plan? What kind of furniture will you want? How will you decorate?

Considering these options are very important when you choose your home plan because you need to create flow and coordination.

Location, Location

The location of your home should play a large determining factor in the design. If you’re living in an urban setting, a colonial style or ranch home just won’t fit. Check out some of the homes in your neighbourhood to see what works with the landscape. Are you looking at a single family home that’s one storey but with a large backyard, or perhaps a two storey home with a more compact outdoor living space? Consider the size and shape of the lot before you set your sights on any particular kind of design.


When you’re choosing your house plan, consider Rawdon Hill as your builder. We are reliable contemporary homebuilders in South East of Melbourne. Contact us today.

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