A new home means a fresh start, and what’s fresher than keeping up with the latest in design trends. 2016 is shaping up to be a particularly inspirational year in the design world, so if you’re thinking of buying or building a new home, make sure you incorporate some of this year’s hottest style trends.

Rawdon Hill are Melbourne’s most cutting edge modern home developers, so we like to stay on top of what’s popular and what will be popular when it comes to home designs. We understand that half of the consideration for your house plan comes with what sort of furnishings you want, your personal style, and of course, your lifestyle. Read on to see our top interior design trends for this year and beyond.

Workhorse kitchen islands

Islands have been a staple in many homes for years, but this year’s change comes in the functionality of having a workhorse island. This means that, along with additional countertop space, you’ll also get deep storage, prep sinks, seating and more.

Tech-free living rooms

As technology pervades nearly everything about our daily existences, more families are choosing to opt for a room in the house where they can live together as a family without the distractions of television, computers, etc. Create a cosy setting with comfortable chairs and couches, soft lighting and walls lined with books and enjoy your tech-free room.

Statement bathroom mirrors

Statement mirrors in the bathroom, rather than boring medicine cabinets, are a great way to add flare and a boost of character to an otherwise rather dull setting. Go for ornately designed frames or deep wood-lined reflectors.

Black stainless steel appliances

Nothing says efficient and state-of-the-art like stainless steel, and nothing says sleek and sophisticated like the colour black. More and more people are opting for dark-coloured stainless steel rather than shiny silver, and it goes rather well in many types of kitchens.

Formal Dining Rooms

Sitting down with the family for a meal has never been more stylish. Formal dining rooms are making a comeback, so whether you’re the types to entertain with large dinner parties or simply want to make every meal with your family an occasion, dining together is very much a lifestyle choice that can be reflected beautifully in your dining room. 

Mixed Materials

Interior design in 2016 is all about contrast of materials in more than one room of the house. Some kitchens are seeing a change, combining, for example, sleek, polished cabinetry and countertops with wooden beam ceilings and beaten Turkish rugs. Living rooms are seeing a mix of materials and textiles, as well, with hard-lined couches and chairs in solid colours softened by faux-fur rugs and blankets or bright and beaded throw pillows.  

Consider Rawdon Hill for your next new home. We are always on top of the trends and can discuss your options with you so that your new home reflects your personal design and lifestyle.