If your old home is looking tired, you may not need to buy a whole new home to make it look modern and new again. With these simple tips and tricks from Rawdon HillMelbourne’s leading modern home builders – you can modernise your existing older style house with ease.

Hang Contemporary Artwork

From the living room to the hallway there are few things we love more than contemporary art juxtaposed with the thoughtful architectural detail of a traditional home. Seek out artwork with colours that complement your existing furnishings, and you’ve got a foolproof combination.

Paint Your Front Door and Window Shutters

If your door and/or window shutters are looking faded, a fresh lick of colourful paint can make them interesting and contemporary again. Plus, it’s super cheap to do and it can make all the difference to the exterior of your home.

Wash Your House and Clean Up the Garden

An exterior house wash (including the walls and roof) and a garden clean up can remove the moss, mould and mildew to make your home look almost new again. Don’t forget to remove the mould and between pave stones too!


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Paint The Walls

Putting a modern colour on your interior home walls is a cost-effective way to make an older house look more modern. Yellow and green are the new in colours in 2017. A rich canary yellow will feel modern, while a soft mint green can create a youthful look. For more ways to add greenery, see our top 5 home design trends in 2017.

Add Clear Furniture

Be it a glass coffee table or an acrylic chandelier, a bit of transparency always lightens up the heaviness of dark woods and upholstered furniture that you often see in traditional homes. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about matching as clear items blend right in. Add one piece for an instant contemporary touch.

Stick With Solids

Fussy and intricate patterns on furniture and upholstery can quickly look dated and old. If you want to modernise your space, swap some of your furniture for solids and keep the patterns to a minimum.

Use Bright, Light Textures

Replace heavy, dark fabrics with brighter, lighter textures. Covering old upholstered seating with light-coloured covers or throws and accenting with brightly coloured or textured pillows is a great way to modernise a room.

Minimise The Use of Dark Wood

Minimise the number of furniture pieces in your home that have stained or dark wood surfaces. A white colour applied to a lightly sanded wood finish will brighten and lighten the overall look, producing a shabby chic effect. Doors, kitchen cabinets and any dark heavy pieces will benefit greatly from a lighter colouring.

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