Visiting a display home enables you to envision what your life could be like in the home created by one builder or another. Display homes are enticing and could make you want to make an impulse purchase, but it’s important to keep a cool head and remain patient and wise when visiting a display home, because there are many factors to consider that aren’t right in front of you.

Preparation is key when visiting a display home so that the choice you make is informed and reflective. You’ll want to consider your lifestyle, what design style you’ll want to incorporate, and how the house will fit on the land you have and in the neighborhood you’re in.

Below are some things to consider so you don’t just fall for the wow factor of a display home.

What Kind of Builder Made the Display Home?

A display home shows you what kind of homes a particular builder can produce. They are the experts on the home, so they should be able to honestly answer any questions that you have about design challenges. You can determine a builder’s experience and ability to overcome challenges by asking, for example, if the display home you’re looking at is a new model or if it has been constructed in a few locations.

Ask the builder if the design will work on the block you are looking to build on, considering things like level and orientation with wind and light. Find out what the builder likes about the design and what he or she doesn’t like, or what upgrades he or she would make personally.

What house plan is right for you?

When considering a display home, don’t get lost in the flash and the layout. Think hard if that particular layout and design style is right for the way you live your life. In terms of design, have you always seen yourself in a traditional environment, or are you more drawn to a modern and open layout? Traditional layouts are great for privacy, quiet and wall space. Open layouts are great if you have small children that you’d like to keep an eye on, or if you’re big entertainers. How much space do you need? Do you want one or two floors? What kind of furnishings are you considering?

Visit Display Homes prepared

Make a day of visiting display houses. Plan ahead so you know which ones you’ll get the most of, and pack a lunch so you can truly enjoy the experience of checking out different homes. Bring paper and a pen so you can take notes, and take photos with your phone so you remember everything clearly and your memories don’t get jumbled. Make sure to take brochures and other information off sales reps at each house.

Rawdon Hill builds dream custom and modern homes. We are located in South East of Melbourne and have display houses all over the city and surrounding suburbs. Take these tips with you when visiting one of our homes so you can make a better decision.