If you’re in the market for a new home, whether you want to buy an already established house or build your own home, you’ll want to consider all your options. House and land packages are becoming increasingly popular among families and those who want a new, custom built home. What is a house and land package? Builders package land and house designs so you know the total purchase amount.

There are many advantages to these types of packages including:

1. Custom House Designs to Suit Your Needs

One major benefit to opting for a house and land package is that you get the option of choosing the block of land you want, based on orientation and location. In addition you can choose the features that you’d like in your new home. Many builders offer display houses to give you a good idea of what your home might look like, but these come in ranges that you can choose from and change according to your family’s needs.

2. Save Money on Stamp Duty

Normally, when you purchase a house, you’ll have to pay stamp duty on the land and stamp duty on the house separately. Buying a house and land package from a building company in Melbourne means that you only pay one stamp duty on the value of the land component of the house, since the house technically doesn’t yet exist.

Built Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage to house and land packages is that your home will be built according to at least the minimum ecological requirements. Sustainability will be built into the features of your home, from energy efficient appliances to insulated windows and walls.

Tax Benefits From Depreciation On Property Investment

You will be able to claim depreciation on building allowance, meaning the costs of construction.  Depreciation is a non-cash deduction, so you can claim a tax deduction on your home every year that will do wonders for your bottom line come tax season. 

The benefits of opting for a house and land package outweigh any cons. If you want to make the decision of a lifetime and buy a customized, brand new, modern home, contact Rawdon Hill. We offer amazing house and land packages around Melbourne where you can start the life you want.