We have all heard that solar power is the ideal solution for our future energy needs but how does it actually work and is it worth the investment? For those building a home, the initial set up fee for solar panels seems to be just another cost you have to weigh up in the process.

Fortunately, Rawdon Hill Homes currently has a special offer for customers who have placed a deposit to build their home with us by 31 May 2021. They are able to choose from two Solar Packages. There is the option to have a free system installed or you can have an upgraded system for a relatively small outlay. Firstly, here is more about solar power and its benefits.

How does solar power work?

Many of us are aware of the fundamentals of solar energy, but the finer details are less well known. Solar energy is created when the sun shines onto the solar panels and they change the sunlight into a direct current. The solar inverter then converts this into an alternating current which can be used to power your home appliances. Any leftover charge is diverted back into the electricity grid or can power a solar battery.

Reasons to invest in solar

Solar power has many benefits:

  • it is good for the environment
  • it is easily accessible
  • it benefits the whole electricity grid
  • it makes financial sense.

Environmentally friendly

Solar power is a clean energy source because running it does not pose a threat to people and the environment, like coal, nuclear and other power sources can. How good will it feel to know that you are decreasing your use of power that pollutes, and increasing your use of clean energy? In addition, solar panels have a long lifespan which is also more sustainable and creates less waste than other forms of energy consumption.

Accessible anywhere

Solar power is available anywhere in the world and in many climates, even if there does not seem to be an abundance of sunlight. People who live in locations which receive less sunlight may simply need more solar panels to create the same amount of energy as a location which has more. In Australia we are fortunate to have plenty of sunlight at our disposal compared to other parts of the world, so choosing to use solar panels is an easy and practical decision.

Long term savings

Living and energy costs are increasing so a solar electricity system is an essential investment in your future lifestyle. The most expensive part about investing in solar energy is the initial outlay for installing solar panels. But if you think long term, the ongoing reduction of your household power bills means you will be able to save money for other ventures. As already mentioned, solar panels have a long life, so if you decide to move, they will increase the value of your home and can be used by the new owner. The more solar panels on your house, the more it will add to your resale price.

Saving with Rawdon Hill Homes

How fantastic would it be if the initial and most expensive cost of harnessing solar energy was covered for you? Our eligible customers who choose the first solar package will pay nothing for a 2000 watt system. This, with an average daily generation of 6 to 8 kWh per day, will save you $400 to $700 annually. Imagine benefiting from solar energy from the moment you move into your new home with zero cost to yourself?

For those who chose the upgraded 5000 watt system package for a minimal outlay, an average daily energy generation of 16 to 21 kWh per day will save you an incredible $1400 to $2000 per year. The small upfront cost will go towards more solar panels and a larger inverter to increase your home’s capacity to use solar energy. Whilst it means parting with some funds now, it could translate to tens of thousands of dollars in savings over future years.

Some things to consider

Whilst the advantages of solar energy are obvious, there are some drawbacks. Some issues that people have with solar panels include:

  • they are aesthetically unappealing
  • they cannot work at night
  • they may not be suitable for all roof types.


Whilst solar panels may not be particularly attractive, we believe that their benefits outweigh this issue. Also, due to their location on your roof, the solar panels may not be easily visible to people in any case. When we design your home, we can walk you through where your solar panels will be located for optimal energy efficiency and can also discuss whether they will affect the aesthetics of your home.

A new lifestyle

Unfortunately, the immediacy of solar energy means that when there is no sunlight, you cannot use it. To counteract this, we suggest adapting your lifestyle to be more solar efficient. Instead of putting your washing machine or dishwasher on overnight, put them on during the day. It is amazing how flexible we can be when it comes to saving our hard earned dollars.


Another problem that people foresee with solar is whether or not the panels will be able to be fitted to their roof. Whilst this may be a problem for existing homes where the size, pitch or type of roof, such as gables, are not suitable and unable to be changed, it is less of a problem for a new home. If you are building with us, we can discuss the type of roof you would like for your home and assess where would be best to place the solar panels for aesthetics as well as efficiency.

We are thrilled to be able to pass on the benefits of these solar packages to our customers, to not only save them money at the outset, but to ensure continued savings over the long term in their new home. Would you like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity? Contact us today to organise an appointment.




Want to find out more about this fantastic offer? Contact Rawdon Hill – contemporary home builders in Melbourne on (03) 9702 4477.

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