Built for you, with you in mind.

Rest assured, we are great at what we do. We’ve built over 5,000 homes and counting – all with an excellence in style, construction, and customer experience.

To us, it’s crucial that your new home is everything that you have ever dreamed of, and that the experience is fun along the way. As such, we will be with you all the way! 

1. We want to understand your situation.

Understanding your likes and dislikes, and what is most important to you is an essential first step of the process.

Getting to know you will help us create the perfect home for you and your family, and all the while, forming a great working relationship as we embark on this journey together.

A couple consults with a personal designer at the start of the process of building a house

2. Choose your perfect home.

Now that we know a little more about you, we’ll work together to match one of our quality homes to best suit what you’re looking for. We have over 100 variants to choose from, so we know that there is an option to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Rawdon Hill choose your perfect home

3. Personalising your new home.

Now this is the fun part! As part of our inclusive interior styling service, you will be assigned your very own Interior Stylist to help you choose your colours, fittings, fixtures and finishes to create a home that truly reflects your style.

When visiting our in-house design suite, we encourage you to bring along plenty of photos of styles, colour schemes and materials that you’d like to use as inspiration for the slyle of your new home.

Living area of the Derwent display home

4. Preparing your finances.

This is where we need to establish how much you can borrow, and how you’ll manage the costs associated with building your home.

Then, we’ll be able to help you to more confidently select a home design, and all the personalised touches that fit within your budget.

Making sure that finances are in order is a key part of the process of building a house

5. Building permit and contract.

At this stage, you would’ve selected your home design and floor plan, and have been provided a quote to build your home. Now, we will prepare your building contract and guide you through the documentation and next steps. At this point,  your first deposit will be required to secure the purchase of your new home.

Depending on where you are building, you may also need to provide a developer approved stamped plan and/or a receipt as evidence that a Community Infrastructure Levy has been paid.

Planning permits may also apply, so be sure to check this with the vendor of the land or your conveyancer. Once we have received your unconditional file, we are then able to apply for a building permit. The time it takes to process the permit depends on the municipality and any additional information the council requires.

Help you navigate the building permits, paper work and contracts

6. Base Stage.

This is where your block of land is prepared for building. Before the slab is poured, we install parameter fencing, make final site preparations and lay underground connections.

Base stage construction is coordinated from within the office and a Site Supervisor will be allocated once this stage is complete.

The base stage is when your land if prepare for building

7. Frame Stage.

This is where it all starts to grow!

We build the frame of the home and put up the roof trusses. Now, you’ll be able to see your new home start to take shape.

The frame of the house -- your home starts to take shape!

8. Lock-up Stage.

Now it’ s time to start fitting your new home’s external walls, roof, doors and windows.

The roof tiles are not fixed into position at this stage, and does not include the garage or verandah, but we’re now ready for our team of skilled tradespeople to start fitting out your home.

External walls, the roof, windows and doors are fitted

9. Fixing Stage.

It’s now time to install the plaster to all internal walls and ceilings and install architraves, skirting boards and cabinets throughout, as well as baths, basins, troughs and sinks.

Now your home is almost complete!

fixing stage rawdon hill bathroom

10. Fit-off Stage.

This is where your work with our Interior Stylist comes to life. Paint, cornices, tiling, carpet, shower screens and mirrors, plumbing fixtures and electrical connections are completed, and appliances are installed.

We’ll round-off any finishing touches and it’s almost time to present you with your new home!

Working with an interior stylist to complete your home
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